Garmin Edge 500 Or 705 ?????

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I am going to soon buy a Garmin Edge GPS Cycling Computer, but, I was wondering should I buy the Garmin Edge 705 Or Garmin Edge 500?

I Do Time Trialling, Road Racing & Club Rides. But, which is better suited for me do you think?

With the 705, do you get maps already installed on the device so I can plan routes around my local area or do I have to buy additional maps?



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    No experience of either but i'm going through the same dilemma currently.

    IT's worth noting that although the 705 can be bought for the same sort of money as the 500 the maps are pretty bad and you need to spend extra to get the better maps
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  • Got both. The maps on the 705 are OK but to be honest are only really of use when overseas or somewhere unfamiliar. The 500 does everything except the maps and also has a thermometer which is fairly handy. And it looks better.
  • morxy
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    I have the Edge 500 and 800. Personally I think the 500 is the best bike computer in the world. I only use the 800 - slightly newer version of 705 - for those occasions when I don't know where I'm going (e.g. recon of a new sportive route). Then it navigates the route for you, beeping 200 metres before turns saying "take 1st exit at roundabout" so you don't miss it. That's about the only value it adds for me. 80-90% of the time I use the 500.

    If you get the 705, you'll need an additional map on micro SD card or CD. The built-in "base map" that comes with the device only shows "A" roads and primary features like that. Really basic. Insert the memory card and suddenly all the minor roads inbetween are shown... good detail.