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New pics of the Van Nicholas Mistral.

awallaceawallace Posts: 191
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New pics of the Van Nicholas Mistral.

I have put the pro lites back on until Planet x get the model b's in in polished silver. I have the BrooksSwift on and the leather bar tape.

The seatpost and clamp will eventually be Ti too hopefully but because i'm far too impatient, ive put a cheap alu one on and the clamp from my mtb. (Mrs W wont know the difference)

Jagwire cable kit and Sram Rival remains. The look i want is a natural finish so eventually the black will go and it will be bare metal / leather / and white. Ill post more as and when things change.

Ive only managed one ride so far, feels great, but thats probably because its shiny and new! Hoping to get out tuesday morning so ill tell all then.


  • awallaceawallace Posts: 191
    Can anyone get the images displayed? I have tried but it doesnt seem to work so i have just posted the links.
  • Very, very nice. Nice touch saddle and bar tape. Looks good. I`ve a Euros and enjoy that. Thanks for posting.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Yes but it's freaking HUGE!

  • awallaceawallace Posts: 191
    NapoleonD wrote:
    Yes but it's freaking HUGE!

    Thats why i didnt post it, it looks like a giants bike!
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