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HR Monitor's

redfiveredfive Posts: 22
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Looking at getting one of these, anyone recommend a particular model?


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    How deep are your pockets? :)
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • redfiveredfive Posts: 22
    Was thinking around the £100 mark
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    Think the Polar's a very good for fitness. The Garmins seem pretty good if you also want GPS tracking (to see where you've been).

    Know nothing about the Polars.

    Garmins... for about £100 - you can get the Forerunner 305.

    Ignore RRP at Garmin... the 305 is £110 @ Amazon and other places.
  • Really depends what you wnat and what you have already got. If you simply want a basic HRM then you can pick them up from £10 at Tesco upwards. If you want one with a bit more functionality then you will be looking at £50 upwards.

    I got a basic Garmin Forerunner 50 which measures heart rate is also connected to my cadence sensor. I am also now able to use the HRM strap with the newly received Garmin Edge 800.

    My only word of caution would be to go an have a look at the one you want before you purchase. I like the Forerunner 50 but the buttons are a bit of a pain as my glove cuffs ocasionally stop the recording half way through a ride (most dissappointing when you get home and have no data to compare.

    Hope this helps.



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  • I have the garmin 305 forerunner.
    It's pretty good.
    You can get attachments for cadence as well.
    Does multisports, running, biking and other.
    You can set it for the 2 different bike weights too.
    I use mine mainly for running but it's quitecool for plotting the route youve taken on the bike.
    You can also compare to previous. Pretty cool looking at your heart rates on paticular circuits when it shows a good improvement in time and a lower heart rate etc.
    A useful tool.
  • redfiveredfive Posts: 22
    Thanks Guy's for taking the time to comment, very helpful,


  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 33
    i have just purchased a garmin forerunner 65 and it is awesome! really good quality and its really intuitive to use. plus you can buy add ons like the cadence sensor and bluetooth dongle etc to tailor it to your requirments.

    i looked at polar but the entry level hrm's look really cheap/poor quality

    i bought a pulse sonic cheapy off ebay to begin with and it was pants!!

    i would definitely recomend going to a good running/cycling shop to see what you are buying first.
  • I've got a Sigma PC-9 that I picked up for 30 euros at my lbs. Works a treat for me, as it is also very small on the wrist since it's only got all the HRM'ing functions. The usual average, low, highs and zone information, plus calories and such. If your looking for something small and will keep the pockets down, this is a good one!
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