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I am looking for a bit of current nanolight owners , re sizing , it seems common that many fall between sizes... Well I do to

I am 5'11 with 32' leg and a flexible reach , their sizing has me between medium large . I currently ride a 55cm frame but can't seem to decide which size to go with

Unfortunately I am miles away so a fitting just isnt as logistically easy

Just looking for a wee bit of owners experiences




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    If your current bike fits then compare the measurements with the nanolight ones. I don't own a nanolight (although it's on my shortlist) but am the same height/inside leg as you and would likely go for the large (although there's a stockist where I live so will try first). Main thing is getting the reach right so compare the top tube with the nanolight in both sizes.
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    Cheers , would be interested in knowing the step over heights
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    More or less what i am. It will be a Large size frame! otherwise you will be on a BMX sized bike :D
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    I'd say a lot depends on how much drop and/or spacers you want. I'm 5'8" and went for a small, but I could have gone for a medium. As it is I've got a 110mm stem and quite a drop from saddle to bars even with a couple of cm of spacers under the stem.

    Best thing to do is try to match the geometry to your current bike and see which is closest (assuming you're after the same position).
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    Haha yeah don't want to look like an extra from Andy ruffles bmx beat .

    Anyone know a standover height for the large , it isn't shown on the site