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hi guys and gals, just a quick one. Im 6ft 5 and im buying a 20" mtb. would this be too small? he says the measurement is from the centre of bb to centre of seat tube? is this the same as centre to top? many thanks


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    The correlation between height and frame size is poor: have a read of the What Size sticky in the Buying forum.
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    depends on your personal preferences and riding style as well. The bigger it is, the more sluggish it is if you want to throw it around - but, the more comfortable it'll be for just pedalling along.

    Have a go on a few and you'll know better than any sizing chart which frame size to go for.

    Most manufacturers use centre of BB to top of seat tube for measuring. That basically means, from the centre of your bottom bracket axle, to the top of your seat clamp, where the seatpost inserts into the centre to top is the same yeah