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help me choose! Charge juicer mid? or Speccy Secteur sport

capt SamBOcapt SamBO Posts: 3
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heya guys. im a VERY long time lurker, but first time poster. and would really like a helping hand... or a good kick up the censored ! anything to actually get the order in and the bike in the post!

im buying a new road bike. and im currently unable to decide between a charge juicer mid and a specialized secteur sport. i know that sounds weak and miserable... but, there you go!

im trying to keep this as cheap as possible as this bikes just gunna be a "hack" for the daily commute and id also like to log the odd century on a sunny weekend in summer.

both bikes seem to fit my needs well. both have a triple, i like this as im old and censored and its pretty hilly in north devon and i only ever ride alone. I would rather go "far" than "fast". both have clearance for slightly bigger tyres (i hate 23's and prefer a good 26 or 28, im a big bloke) both are "sensibly priced". ive blown big money on bikes in the past and never found much more joy from a 4k bike than a 1k bike... infact, ive often found the opposite is true! i remember putting a deep gash in my XTR'd and fully ti bolted Pace RC200 years ago that honestly nearly made me curse the moon!! hahaha!!!! oh, happy dayz of my youth! were did that pace go?? did it run off with my hair?!!

so. on the side of the charge is the better spec. and MUCH better wheels (ive had shimmy wheels in the past and they have always worked flawlessly) full tiagra. even got good handle bar tape. the mudguards are just a bonus. black is cool. charge is cool. i really like the charge. and its cromo! Sambo loves a bit of cromo! loves it. second only to Ti for me. so i want the charge.

but on the side of the specialized is that, ive already thrown a leg over the 61 at my local shop and its a nice fit. id almost say perfect. a good stretch and a really balance without too much weight on the hands. it felt like a place i could spend some solid time in comfort. But, its ally! there was no test ride so, wont it bang me into pieces like my dear old Pace?? im scared of the metal! less mushrooms might help! (as if)

the charge "large" is only a 58? thats my big hang up here. i dont have the chance to try one (miles to my local charge dealer, and they dont have any L's anyway) and that 58cm might not be enough for my 97cm inside leg (not a misprint. im 6,4 and have really long legs) I tried the 2010 size58 specy allez and didnt find it a good fit at all. seat post had to be so high it was all wrong. hands so low. censored so high. yuk.

will the charge "large" be big enough for a tall guy?

does anyone have rave reviews for either? ive read a bit online about both.. but all written by the evil corporate hand that we can call "the mags" (oh hardy-har-har you joker you etc etc)

the secteur is 499
the charge is 589

choose one!

theres also the kona honkey tonk for about that money, but the specs nothing like as good, but its steel, and ive owned and loved cromo konas.... oh god! it goes round and round! hahaha.

needs more rum i recon!



  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Ahoy there Capt, welcome on board. Tis a connundrum to be sure and I cannot see a way forward that doesn't involve you ringing around and finding a dealer with the bikes you are interested in with the right size. As a minimum you need to swing your leg over, be good to have a turbo session, ideal to have a test ride.

    Might be worth seeing what dealers are close, phoning them up and then visiting for a chat. Make a day of it and plan to spend about a month visiting different shops and trying different types of models, etc. There are some big stores in Bristol (Evans, Spesh, etc.) which isn't too far from Devon on the train, etc. I am sure the chaps some recommend some other decent LBS's around your way.

    Have fun. Oh, and less rum me hearty.
  • yeargh!!

    whats this "less rum" of which you speak!!? a cocktail perhaps? does it involve adding fruit juice to my old Lambs navy reserve???

    you slovenly land lubber yee! avast ye matey!! and a yo ho ho too ya mama!

    i kid i kid! so i did. i even kidded capt kid!

    tis a fine day... so i iz off the swab me decks and make haste in a Bristol fashion!!

    but back on track... i just seen the adds for the 2010 Kona Honky inc. she has disks so she does!! 799 isnt unreasonable for full 105 i recon. and i can always sell a few dabloons and get a triple.

    oh, choices choices... its like being back at the rum shacks in old panama city!! choices choices!! do i take the wench on the left? or the wench on the right?? or take a wench right up the middle!!

    i blame the moon. the evil moon. its always his fault!
  • I have exactly the same issue, would really appreciate knowing how you got on - with me its a choice between the juicer and the much more expensive felt 4310 which comes in a larger frame size
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Worth looking at the OP's stats before expecting a timely reply:

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    You could try a PM but don't hold your breath :)
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