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Jock itch...

badgerman26badgerman26 Posts: 125
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Just diagnosed myself with jock itch (athletes foot of the groin!). Am using Daktarin to get rid of it, rather than go to drs. its very itchy...

I only have 1 pair of bib for the winter, started wearing boxers underneath for hygiene as cant wash more than once a week. I cycle ~12m each way 4 days a week.

Anyone else have this issue, any solutions?

Sorry to lower the tone. :oops:


  • i got eczema on the tops, inner of my legs, in the elbow joints and strangely on the coccyx although i do get massive anexity put the two together and i'm one itchy guy in the winter! we're only human at the end of the day...

    i use a asda hydrocortizone cream, just forget to put it on most times duh (enter anexity side effects) :roll:
  • I had a bad case of jock itch a few months ago and the pain was so bad I could hardly walk for a day. My GP gave me Daktacort which shifted the symptoms. To avoid getting it again I invested in ten pairs of bib tights (it was already getting cold) so I can have a fresh pair on every commute and only do one load of cycling washing each week.

    It's an expensive option but I mitigated it by buying DHB from Wiggle and buying them a pair at a time so my discount built up and subsequent pairs became cheaper.

    I really never want to have jock itch again so it's been worth it to me.

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