new carbon bike help?

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HI, I am after a new carbon road bike, I am 13st 6ft 3in tall with 34inside leg. I have a 58in frame at present.

The riding i do is long day rides usually upto 100miles etc, looking for lightness,tripple groupset for hills, not reallly riden a double so is there really much difference for climbing etc. Ultegra or campag/ sram equivalent.

My limit is aroud the £1400 but can raise a bit for the right bike.

I quiet like the look of the Ribble bikes but not sure which one, Cube Agree pro, Focus Cayo,willer Izoard something different, or can you recomend

Help much appreciated.


  • you cant go far wrong with ribble -carbon sportive ultegra SL mavic aksium upgrade wheelset for around £1303 plus upgrade tyres and saddle £20 delivery, should be just under £1400 thats what i would buy if i had the wonga .
    going downhill slowly