Allterrainmbc (mountain Bike Club)

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I started my mountain bike club 2 years ago, I moved to Warrington with no one to ride with, then i met a few guys that ride round some of the trails near Daresbury and Grappenhall, I decided to chat with the guys about starting up a mountain bike club, they were a little say scepticle, as they were quite happy riding on there own, so i thouhgt stuff it i'll start with my own, so in my spare time I'm a Technical Mountain Bike Leader, and have my own website Allterrainroutes which has been running now for just over 2 years and has just reached 37.000 which i'm very pleased with,so i decided to call my club Allterrainmbc, so to help me promote my club i use my own website and placed the club on the map in warrington, as this is the first time that there has been a club ever in Warrington, It's taken some time to get noticed with flyers in the super markets, cycle shops, hair dresser's, you name it i went every where, schools to but it slowly got noticed and now have about 15 riders who come out regularly rain or shine, we have a few good routes, some really muddy ones to lol. but in all we have nitted quite well, we are now looking at competing in events around the country.. and hopefully this will bring more to the club, I've had a few enquiries about the club, from riders in the bury area, blackburn, and shaw, I hope to at some point make the club bigger and expand it futher afield that is my main goal now,

This was a dream that i wanted to do and to become a full time Technical Mountain Bike Leader, But i have to do my Final assessment with the CTC, with Dan Cook who is from the OTC where i did it first..

My next Dream is to get a team of riders to compete in all events, and hopefully soon to have the Team jersey's up and running..
So if anyone is interested in joining the club you are more than welcome.. All the best for the new year.. and hope to here from you soon...

Wayne Chairman of the club :D