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Carrera Vengeance Ultimate Ltd Edition

birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
edited March 2011 in Your mountain bikes
I'm reasonably new here and noticed a few posts had been made about this bike. I have recently bought one and so far cannot say a bad word about the bike. I keep spending money on it which isn't a good thing, but hey ho, there is always space for improvement::


If anyone has any ideas on additional upgrades please tell me your thoughts!


  • Hello mate,

    I bought one of these baby's last week and am really pleased with it.

    I have gone with the white theme on mine, white crud catchers, white pedals, white bar ends, white bottle cage.

    White Mucky Nutz thingy is definately next, yours looks smart with a lizard skin.

    Good bike isn't it!

    Gave it some real stick yesterday and it held up well!

    Enjoy it mate.
    Got my new Carrera Vengeance Ultimate 11. Mint.
  • fearnsyfearnsy Posts: 278
    I've got one, as you probably know :) how you finding yours?
    Trek 930 singletrack 06-08
    Pinnacle Peak 2.0 08-10
    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate 11-
  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    You know my answer Fearnsy. Love it! Keep me updated with the mods you do on yours. You managed to sell tyres and pedals to me for next month. I've just seen the MOWA range of goodies too. Get that bank card ready:
  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    PS. Sherwood Pines this weekend!
  • fearnsyfearnsy Posts: 278
    Some of that stuff looks sweet :) and good stuff, I don't know if I told you about a red superstar qr seatclamp and a new front disc :)
    Trek 930 singletrack 06-08
    Pinnacle Peak 2.0 08-10
    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate 11-
  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    New front disc? (Is that to replace the warped one you had?)
  • OMG i love this bike, if it was out before i bought my GT agressor xc2 i would have bought one straight away, i have a mate with one, it looks gorgeous... what drivetrain has it got...
  • From memory, Alivio 9 speed
  • fearnsyfearnsy Posts: 278
    2011 :)
    Trek 930 singletrack 06-08
    Pinnacle Peak 2.0 08-10
    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate 11-
  • hi there
    these a brilliant bikes for the money the thing that was bugging my happiness was the handle bar grips i got a set of superstar ones black with blue lockrings for £11 delivered its worth while replacing the grips


    comencal combi disc 2008
    trek 3900 2006
    carrera vengeance ultimate 11
    specialized hardrock sport disc 2005
    carrera vengeance ultimate 11
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    commencal combi disc 08
    trek 3900 04
  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    I know where you are coming from. I have recently replaced the handlebar on mine with a narrower and lighter FSA one. I have also replaced the stem for a shorter FSA one as I wasn't keen on the longer one that was on it. Just made it feel far to long for me. Grips are definitely next and also tyres. Doing a little shopping tomorrow so I may post some more pics when the new additions are on the bike .
  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    @specialized hardrock - Would you mind sending me a link for the grips you mentioned. Been out today with the intentions of finding some but couldn't find any suitable. Nevertheless I did manage to spend a few more pennies on the bike so I thought I would post a few more pics. Hope you like:




    Unfortunately I am still waiting on the new stem to come through the post. Dare I say along with a few more bits. Once I've got these I shall post the pictures.

    @ Fearnsy - You mentioned that you had replaced the disc on your bike. What did you go for?
  • Hi m8 - I just got a set of Superstar grips for mine, go to 8)
  • fearnsyfearnsy Posts: 278
    A superstar vibe one :)
    Trek 930 singletrack 06-08
    Pinnacle Peak 2.0 08-10
    Carrera Vengeance Ultimate 11-
  • rjbonnellrjbonnell Posts: 170
    What size Lizard Skin chainstay protector did you get? Want to get one for mine.

  • birch1983birch1983 Posts: 124
    @rjbonnel - I went for the jumbo sized one. I did find though that it required cutting to length to fit the bike. Definitely protects that area though and I'd say well worth getting.

    @fearnsy - Thanks buddy.

    I took the bike up Sherwood Pines today to give it a good run cross country. The bike itself performed really well and I could keep up with the hard tails through the downhill sections. The tyres definitely need changing though.
  • rjbonnellrjbonnell Posts: 170
    Thanks for that mate, I must get one myself.
  • Ive for the carrera vengence ltd which has been a great bike ive cut to handle bars down for now untill i have the money to buy new ones but to honest a simple cut down and there perfect now besides lights pump hydration pack etc i havnt touched it
    could do with better crank and tyres but im not going to be who moans about the butt busting seat i think its ok once you get used to it ! ,

    may have the wrong forum as i dont think mine is the carrera vengence ultimate which may be newer model

    im new to biking and know little but for a 20-30 mile ride out on a sunday with the lads its perfect
  • Just ordered a few more bits for the bike:

    FSA SL-K Stem
    Superstar Excel Grips (Black with Blue lock ring and plugs)

    Should be here in the next few days so pics to follow!
  • If all goes to plan shall be swapping over to Shimano XT front and rear mechs. Should be on for the weekend thanks to the BikeRadar classifieds section! :D
  • To everybody, get some new rubber, makes a huge difference to the feel and confidence of the bike.

    Fir those who are proficient at wheel building, you can replace the horrible Carrera rims for some cheap mach1 mx rims for £20 each, they have the same erd. They weigh in at 500g, not light but the Carrera ones are 680g, so they are defiantly lighter :p

    Hope thus helps :)
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