Seat tilt and fatigue

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Morning all

Using a relatively new saddle on my Scott. I usually have a slight back tilt in the saddle, but with the minimal styling of the Toupe, this was becoming uncomfortable, so last night i took the tilt out of the seat. Whether it’s totally level im not sure; it appears to be, but i haven’t properly measured it.

That said, it was more comfortable on the bike into work today (10mile trail ride). However, my legs were proper struggling today. I had the usual warm up feeling for the first 2 miles or so, but normally im warmed up and ready to go by then, but this morning i was struggling with fatigue in my quads.

Would the tilt of the saddle be creating this fatigue ?

I used to run on my non-bike days, whcih ive stopped for now, so with a days rest in between commutes, i should have been firing on cylinders.

I did feel that the saddle was lower after the tilt alteration, and i have adjusted the post about half an inch to compensate. I also had numbness in my right hand, which suggests that im putting more weight on my arms from the adjustment. So i feel that the saddle needs some of the tilt putting back in it to get rid of that.

Any ideas ?




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    Different angles that you're not used to will make you use different muscles, some smaller some bigger some just not used to doing what they've done.

    I say persist with what you've done for a bit and see. If no change perhaps go back?
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    made a few changes before the bike home

    moved the saddle back a bit and upped the post

    what a difference