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retrobike007retrobike007 Posts: 215
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I am currently riding a 50cm frame as I was advised this size would suit my height.

I am looking to upgrade, and having read a few bits and specs about various bikes they are all say i should be riding a 54-56cm frame.

I am 5'9" with 30" leg.

I do find on my current bike that if I am not careful my knees do hit the bars, and I feel I have a lot of weight through my hands.


  • I have found every internet bike fitting guide useless.

    If your kness are hitting the bars, however, it would suggest that the bike is too small, or secondly that you need a longer stem.

    Having someone take a picture of you on the bike is no bad thing.
  • OH

    So not a lot of help on the manufacturers sites then?

    They all say about the same thing, 54-56?
  • derosaderosa Posts: 2,819
    Sounds like you need something with a longer top tube. My first step would be to visit a reputable bike shop and try a few bikes for size.

    Big H

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  • reacherreacher Posts: 416
    almost same height as myself and my brother , your slightly taller we both ride 54s
    internet fitting guides useless ?
    why do you say that ? they all give the same answer for this height
  • wall17wall17 Posts: 20
    best thing to do is go to a specialist and they have a bike which u can extend every component and they will make a bike fitted exactly to your needs (which will be expensive) but they most probably let you use it to find out what your exact size is.

    hope this might help :D
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