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Torridon & Glencoe

WildhighlanderWildhighlander Posts: 49
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I'm looking at a couple of routes to tackle this year when the snow has gone and the rain is a bit warmer, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has done them and could give me a pointer or two ?

The first is at Torridon, basically doing a circuit of Liathach.
My plan is to start at the car park at the east end of the mountain on the A896, and head north into Coire Dubh Mor before turning west where the path splits, past Loch Grobaig, and take the long downhill gradient out of Coire MhicNobaill, emerging at the road halfway between Torridon & Inveralligin. The loop would be completed by returning along the road.

The other place I'm looking at is Glencoe, doing the Lairig Eilde and the Lairig Gartain around the little Buachaille.

If you've done them, did you do it clockwise or anti ?
How technical are they ?
Are the climbs rideable or will I be pushing ? ( don't mind this really - it's character building ! )
Perhaps they're a nightmare and I'd be better off having a long lie !

Any info would be much appreciated.


  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    Sounds fab, let me know how it goes. I have walked teh Lairig Gartain starting on the Glen Etive road at Dalness. It was a few years ago and in bad weather as we ditched out of the high level stuff. From memory would be a bit of pushing up, but with some rideable stuff on way down, but don't take my hazy memory for fact!

    The Torridon route looks great and I would be very interested in doing this in good weather. camped there last year, and the midges were horrendous!!
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