Requests for iPhone training apps

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Hey all

I'm a fourth year computing student just starting my honours project.
I hope to develop some kind of bike training application for the iPhone/iPad...but a bit different than most of the existing ones out at the moment.

From what I've seen, most of the existing apps are used to track routes and save a history of times, distance, speed, etc.
What I thought about doing was to create an app which helps to train and motivate the rider using pre-set or user customised training sessions.
One problem that I can see with this idea is - depending on the type of cycling the rider is doing (road, off-road, indoor trainer, track), the training delivery method may need to change.
For instance, a road cyclist may prefer to rely on visuals to deliver the training sessions steps through the mobile device display; or they may prefer to have audio commands via a single earphone?
If the user is on a stationary trainer or rollers then they may be able to take full advantage and use a more complex display and audio method.

Whichever method is most suitable, the basic idea I had was to:

    allow the user to select the type of cycling (road, off-road, track, etc.)
    specify intensity, duration, distance, etc.
    specify a min/max or average cadence they wish to achieve which could be delivered via flashes or beeps as preferred
    possibly to allow the app to select music where the bpm matches the desired cadence (more suitable for trainer use)
    provide pre-set training programmes to choose from
    the user would be advised of the gear to select and cadence required depending on their training specifications

    There are numerous possibilities which could also be incorporated if sensors were used on the bike and the rider such as wheel speed, cadence, temperature, heart rate, calculated or actual power output.
    At the moment for this project - due to hardware cost and interface issues we must assume that sensor input is not used.

    While I'm on the subject though! my original idea was to develop a virtual training system which used bike and rider sensor input to display rider info on-screen in the form of a first person view cycling game (think Tacx but on an iPhone/iPad)
    The problem I encountered with this system..apart from it being mighty big and complex, is that I intended to use the ANT+ wireless technology to connect to Fisica sensors, but alas you must be a registered developer to gain access to the necessary info used to write an application using the ANT+ protocol (which costs $500!)
    Possibly one for the future...

    So, back on point - feedback and any ideas welcome, the best people who will know what features you would like for training is you guys so I look forward to hearing them!

    Also, if anyone has any other ideas for cycling related applications then by all means chuck 'em in!

    Thanks a lot