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Lewis Balyckyi

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I'm sure those who are thinking of attending already know this, however, for those in the area who are unaware here's some information.

The Funeral of Lewis Balyckyi will be held at St Saviours Church in Bamber Bridge, Preston at 2.00pm on Thursday the 27th of January. The family has asked for flowers to be from the family only please, donations care of the family will be forwarded to the John Ibbotson Fund.

Note that the church postcode may send your satnav to the wrong part of Church Road. Use PR5 6EP, which is the postode for Ye Olde Hob Inn.

Cyclists in cycling kit are more than welcome at the funeral. Wearing black is not compulsory. However, due to safety concerns, the family do not wish there to be a mass ride of cyclists following the funeral cars. Please instead ride separately to the church and meet there.

After the church service people will be meeting at the Sir Robert Peel, Victoria Road, Walton-le-Dale, PR5 4AY.

The family greatly appreciate the sentiments of the various discussions there have been regarding memorial rides and races. However, they ask for time to grieve first. A fitting tribute will be arranged in time, but with the family's involvement and with safety as the top priority.
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