Spec me pedals/shoes for my Giant Defy 4

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Hi guys

I got my Defy 4 last March and done a bit of cycling on it last summer. 2 Sprint triathlons to be exact and the training that went with it. I was using just my running trainers and no toe clips or anything and was doing ok.

I now need some real gear for this summers push for improvement, i hear this should really improve my cycling times?

I have NO idea what I need. Basically want pedals and shoes that are cheap but I don't know what shoes go with what pedals. Or do they all fit?

Advice, suggestions all appreciated.

I have heard the word 'cleats' but is that the pedals or the shoes? ha

Yours Sincerley,
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    I am relatively new to cycling as well, but got some speedplay zeros and shoes for my birthday.
    The speedplays are for my experience (and online reviews) are brilliant pedal/cleat combo, however they are on the expensive side at £100 for the cheapest ones.
    However I also got dhb road shoes, that cost £35ish on deal, and they are brilliant, and yet to find anything around this price range with better reviews, and indeed these are reviews as equal if not better than shoes costing 70-100 quid!!!!!
    They are stiff as anything for a newbie like me, and very comfortable.
    I really would recommend them.
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    Thanks for that

    I have a budget of about £80 and realise this might be pushing it!

    When buying the pedals/cleats seperately how do I know if they will fit together without going to the shop?
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    For example, these shoes as you suggest are cheap and have good reviews


    What pedals do I get with them?
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    Ignoring Speedplay for the time being, pedal / cleat systems fall into 2 basic types: MTB and Road. Pedals are supplied with the neccessary cleats.

    MTB cleats such as Shimano's SPD are relatively small, made of metal, fixed to the shoe by 2 bolts, and are generally recessed into the sole so that walking in them is easy.

    Road cleats such as Shimano's SPD-SL, Time etc are bigger, triangular plastic things, fixed to the shoe by 3 bolts, and are not recessed so you waddle a bit when trying to walk in them.

    Not all shoes take both kinds; look at the holes on the sole of the shoe.

    The DHB ones you link to will take either; you can see the 2 slots for SPDs, and the 3 holes in a triangle for road cleats.

    Road pedals / cleats provide a bigger pedalling platform, with possibly a feeling of better attachment to the pedal. MTB cleats have a smaller contact area, which is OK if you have sufficiently stiff soled shoes, and mtb pedals are often 2 sided so you can just stomp and go which is easier in stop - start traffic.

    I have spd pedals on my road bike, but that's just cos I already had the shoes from my MTB
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    Keef66 - that's some great info, just what I was after. I see now that the cleats come with the pedals and you fit these to your shoes

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    Speedplays and Crank Bros eggbeaters are different again, but if I spend any more time on here I'll be getting the sack. And they're expensive!
  • I have had the below fitted to my Giant Defy 2 for the last month.

    Shimano SPD520s (£24 from Wiggle or £30 from your local Evans). They are actually MTB pedals, but they are double sided, so it doesn't matter which side you clip into. They will be heavier than the usual single sided SDP-SL road pedals.

    Shinamo RO-77 entry level road shoes (£60). I got these for Christmas. Never tried any others, but I am really happy with mine. Very comfortable. I taped up the vent hole by the toes, as I was getting cold on my commute in the mornings.

    However, if you have to walk any distance, then I would look at MTB shoes, as at least you can walk properly in those.

    My cleats are down to bare metal as I have to walk about opening shutters at work in my cycling shoes and the concrete scuffs up the cleats.

    I am no expert (far from it), but I can recommend the combo that I have. Its such a massive difference. I wish I spent £200 less on the bike and got proper pedals and shoes straight away. So much better for hill climbing.

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  • If you want to get road pedals rather than a MTB pedal, Ribble are doing some cracking deals at the moment.
    I got a pair of these as my first proper road pedals and they are great on the bike, much better than the MTB shoes and pedals I was using. Not very good for walking in though!

    They are also do a cheaper version http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-track-bike/Road-Bike-Pedals-Shimano-Clipless-Spd-SL-R540-105-Pedals/SHIMPEDA800
  • keef66 wrote:
    Speedplays and Crank Bros eggbeaters are different again, but if I spend any more time on here I'll be getting the sack. And they're expensive!

    I just bought a set of Crankbros. Candy C pedals, and a pair of SixSixOne Expert shoes for a grand total of less than $90 US. If you look around, there are deals to be had, but I went with those because I didn't want to have a tough time walking around, and honestly, To me, I don't see the issue with putting "MTB pedals" on a road bike...they would work just as well on a beach cruiser if I put them on there.
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    Sadly, by the time stuff gets to the UK it's doubled in price!
  • hmmm, I'm aware, but they should still be on the lower end of the price scale if you get the 2010 version (the 2011's are made of AL, but for road use, the 2010 polymer pedals should still hold up just fine). I'd search Ebay, maybe even with shipping, you'd be able to find a decently priced set.
  • Have a look on Ebay. I have seen SPD-520s go for as little as £9, but remember that the cleats are £8 a pair.

    I've also seen 2010 Shimano shoes on Ebay for £49 :D
    2010 Giant Defy 2 running SRAM Force and Shimano RS80/C24s with Continental 4 Seasons
    1999 Carrera Integer MTB
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    You can get new M520s on Ebay easily enough for £20 cleats included. Or you can find the same price from online shops if you don't like ebay. If you don't like online, you can print the advert out and take it to your local Evans and they'll price match it. If you don't like your local Evans, I can't help you any more :lol:

    No point buying any shoes, no matter how good the deal, if you can't try them on first. Eg all Shimano shoes too narrow for me.
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    Cheers for all the replies

    Should be able to get pedals & shoes for about £80 no problem then
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    if you have never worn clipless pedals before get the RED colour cleats with your shoes.