bike security - concrete panel garage wall??

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I'm about to aquire a shiney new bike, and will be storing it on a wall mounted rack in my garage, which is of concrete panel construction.
Has anyone come up with any clever and robust security arrangements for chaining the bike to one of these panels? I could mount a ground anchor to the panel, but i'm worried about the potential for would-be theives to be able to access the outside ends of the bolts, which would be visible and easily accessable from the outside of the garage.
I'm wondering about some sort of covered arrangement on the outside to prevent access, and some sort of secure head on the inside?
The bike has to be a way off the ground, above my other bike, due to space constraints, and would therefore need a very long (and very expensive!!) chain to reach a ground anchor on the garage floor.
Has anyone had a similar problem? and has anyone found a neat solution?


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    it is possible to drill a conical hole, bigger at the base than the top, and resin anchor the bolts for the ground anchor to this - the panel would fail before the resin did. but I would hang the bikes vertically off a hook like this ... elID=10230

    then you could out the anchor between your two bikes ?
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    If someone does try to break in lets hope the same happens to them as it does this idiot (ok its a fence not a garage but its still funny)
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  • Ceiling?
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    Depends on the construction of the garage - I used to loop a big chain around the re-inforced concrete roof-beams - bikes hanging on hooks from the roof.

    You could always "bolt-through" a ground anchor onto the garage wall, but suggest you'd need some form of reinforcement plate on the outside with captive nuts/ threaded bushes. Whilst it's possible to drill-through reinforced concrete panels, they are reinforced by a criss-cross of steel mesh and to get anything bigger than save 6" across through requires a 12" angle grinder or to smash the panel to pieces with a sledge-hammer! You'll need tamper-proof bolts, or at least Allen-key bolts with ball-bearings knocked into the heads.
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  • For a typical ground anchor your going to need x4 fairly accurate holes, as mentioned you may run into the reinforcing on the panels as your drilling though. If you can manage to not hit the bars I would not drill all the way through and resing the bolts in from the inside (theyre normally 50mm long).

    Ground anchor kits are supplied with x4 rawbolts, so you could just remove the expanding shroud for the resin.

    You could also use coachbolts with the domeside on the outside and sheer off nuts on the inside. You could counter bore them slightly and put a sign over them not to draw attention to them.

    If your bikes that high up you might have a beem that you could even weld the anchor onto.

    Bulldog make some nice large brackets which can hold x2 bikes and you can chain them to the bracket itself.

    Might be worth having a look at you door lock too, theres the bulldog GD400 and the "secure a door" which beef up the door no end but dont draw attention to your garage.

    Hope this helps :)