Fork Upgrade Maximum size?

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So Im a Student, and well not exactly poor but not well off, been saving for months to try and get a new bike, even considered finance but now I just dont think thats a great idea.

So i was thinking of upgrading my forks on my mongoose from 100mm to 140 or 160mm.

I do a lot of jumps and all mountain stuff, so really need something more suitable.

Obviously the increased fork length will affect the geometry, My HTA is currently at 71 degrees, Im assuming if i get new longer forks that it will decrease right?

I checked with mongoose to see the maximum i can get and thats 130mm but it doesnt cut it.

So is it a good idea to upgrade? If so any suggestions to what forks for around £400?
will also be getting a bigger rotor and new brakes to help.

Cheers for any advice :D
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  • nicklouse
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    not a good idea.

    for jumps 100mm or less is best.

    for AM a longer fork will make the bike harder to ride.

    what is the bike?
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  • Its a mongoose tyax super. When you say harder, in what way?
    2011 NS Core 2. Boing boing.
  • don't do it, you risk snapping the headtube off the frame.