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walkerp78walkerp78 Posts: 9
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Anyone reccomend any decent full length mudguards?


  • SKS?
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  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    SKS Chromoplastic.
    They come in a variety of widths, 700c and 26".
    I dont think you will find anything better.
  • If I guess correctly, the SKS one come in 5 sizes. The narrowest 3 are 700c, and the wider 2 are 26".
  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    Everyone seems to recommend SKS but I've never found them that good. The set of Tortec guards I have now are much better - stainless steel hardware, nylock nuts so they never rattle and a nifty plastic bridge in case your bike doesn't have one between the chainstays.
  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    For what type of bike exactly?

  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    For an alternative to SKS try these. They look really cool IMHO. When I need some more or am feeling flush I might get some. ... Racks.html
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  • jeremyrundlejeremyrundle Posts: 1,091
    Why full length, just wondering, I only use crudcatchers
    Peds with ipods, natures little speed humps

    Banish unwanted fur - immac a squirrel ... heads.html
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,548
    Why full length, just wondering, I only use crudcatchers
    Full length guards keep your bike clean as well as keeping you clean, and if you add a mudflap to the rear guard, they'll keep people riding behind you from being sprayed as well.
  • many thanks for the suggestions guys........I've currently got crud catchers on and they just dont cut it IMO, still have a designer mud strip on my back any time it rains!
  • MoodymanMoodyman Posts: 158
    I have SKS on my two bikes and they're very good once fitted (fitting is a pain to get right).

    You could also try Tortec - friends have these and they're just as good.

    A little cheaper is the Stronglights from Spa Cycles in Harrogate. I saw these when I visited their shop and to be honest, they're excellent bang for buck.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    I have noticed SKS metal hardware is not as good as it used to be. The metal is much softer and if you over-tighten, the threaded, grabby little things split.
    The shape is also a bit more primitive, they used to come with the rear 'guard thinned at its front to fit between the chainstays. I have to dremel out a profile now.
    The metal fitting for the chainstay bridge is not very good. I prefer to drill a small hole in the 'guard a loop a ziptie around the bridge.
    You also need to lop of the excess length of the stays. I use a dremel cutting wheel and then a file to round off the edge. Sharp edges are really dangerous in a crash and those plastic caps fall off..

    Shiny metal mudguards last for ever but have no adjustment for clearance.
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