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Chris McGChris McG Posts: 189
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Hi all,

Going on a trip to Scotland (hopefully) this summer and was wondering what peoples opinions were on each of the 7stanes trail centres/trails.

I'm looking for some riding similar to Afan's 'white's level' and 'skyline' if anyone has any recommendations around that area as well.

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  • alboalbo Posts: 260
    Glentress Red route is a MUST do trail.
  • depends on entirely on what riding you do.

    Last year I did, Glentress - red and black, Inner XC, AE, Mabie, Dalbeattie and kirropughtree. Can't remember one which i didn't think was not worth doing. I did it on a cube ltd race - XC HT, however a 130mm full suss would be your best bet i think for the XC particularly.

    However remember Inner and glentress are in close approximatey with each other, and so are Mabie, dalbeattie and also AE and Kirroughtree to an extent. I never did glentrool as its only got a blue/green route i belive.
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  • Kirroughtree:- Hard, awesome, very hard and quite demanding, oh, and excellent.

    Ae:- Excellent.

    Mabie:- Excellent.

    Dalbeatie:- Excellent.

    Something of a theme running here.
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