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2011 Scott Speedster S30

markpotts147markpotts147 Posts: 100
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5387770544[img][/img]5387167531[img][/img]5387770912[img]Firstly I'll apologise for the dirty bar tape :oops: This is my first road bike, I bought it just before Christmas but due to being on holiday and bad weather not had much chance to use it. So far I've done 3 rides (all in the past 6 days in fact), 2 x 20 miles and 1 x 30 miles. I know it isn't much but I intend to be upping the mileage next month once my fitness has improved a bit. The bike is all standard apart from the wheels. I was advised by the lbs that it would be worth while upgrading them, mainly due to my weight (currently 100kg's but looking to get it down). The rims are DRC ST17 Elegant 2, not sure about the hubs though. Also got a fizik arione on order.[/img]


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