Kuota 5 lens glasses question

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With no instructions in the case, nor on their website, how on Earth do you change them?


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    Which model do you have? I used to have a pair of these ages ago, and you had to insert the corner of the lens into the frame near the nosepiece, and then the rest of the lens would slot in.
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    Sounds about right. How do you remove them though?
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    This type of lense system has to be used with caution as the frame has to be sprung somewhat to allow the last corner of the lense to slot-in. This is particulary an issue in cold weather (sound familiar?) as the pastic has a tendancy to go brittle at repeated low temperatures. So put them somewhere warm (not hot) when not in use and try not to change the lenses if out on the winter ride. :wink:
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    I have a pair too (free with my Kuota!) - the lens engages/disengages from the arm-end - grasp the lens firmly with finger and thumb and pull the frame firmly. Fitting is a reverse. The plastic is actually quite pliable - I've not managed to break them yet.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • I have found that if you pull the nose piece away from the lens that it is quite flexible and the lens will pull out easily. Took me a while to work this out though!
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    I tried for 20 minutes or so doing the arm end first, and was getting nowhere. I thought I saw one of the other members of our club with similar glasses, so I asked her. She told me to pull them from the nose end, and within 60 seconds, the lenses were changed.
  • I just had to Google how to remove them as well. This topic was very helpful - thanks all!

    It definitely gets easier once you've done it a couple of times. Whether this is just practice or whether the materials yield a bit I'm not sure!

    My technique:
    Hold the glasses upside down
    Put one index finger in the centre (nose bridge) and your other index finger on the hinge of the lens you want to change.
    Put your thumbs together on the plastic frame (normally on top of the lens, but this time on the bottom as you're holding the glasses upside down!)
    Push your fingers down and your thumbs up (3-point-bending for any engineers out there)
    Apply force until the lens pops out
    Repeat for the other side

    I found it's pretty hard to avoid putting fingerprints on the lenses so stuck a cleaning cloth in the carry pouch.

    Cheers for the heads up about changing in cold weather - the frames are reasonably flexible under normal conditions but I can see how they might get brittle when skiing etc.