Dura Ace 7850 Wheels - how tight are the tyres?

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A friend of mine has Ultegra Tubeless wheels. The tyres are so tight on the rims that she is totally unable to get them off - which clearly poses difficulties if (when) she punctures. She is looking at the 7850 CL24 wheels as an upgrade / replacement. Question being is this solving the fundamental problem of the tyres being too difficult to get off the rim?



  • dodgy
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    Not necessarily a problem with the wheel, just as likely that the tyres she's using are on the small side.
    FWIW, I don't think the 7850s are noted for being difficult, nor for that matter the Ultegra.
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    Are the tyres Scottish or from Yorkshire :D

    Sorry.........I don't have a problem with the wheels just the type of tyre. Pro race 3 are easish to put on, Krylion carbons are a nightmare.
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    Unlikely as all shimano wheels are probably built to the same size rather than being over and undersized. Try different tyres as above.
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    I have Conti 4 seasons on mine and they are extremely easy to get on and off, I dont even need tyre levers to remove them.
    I have used Ultremo R1 in the summer and these are the same, very easy to get on & off.
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    The thing that makes me laugh is Shimano state you should not use tyre levers with the Ultegra wheels - HAHA who do you think I am the Hulk?
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    Mine are easy with Vittoria Open Pave tyres. Just fingers and thumbs needed. Easiest combo I've experienced.
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    Mine are easy with various tyres 8)
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    Just bought a set of the 50mm 7850 carbon clinchers. Can't believe how easily both Vittoria Open-Paves and Veloflex Pave open tubulars went on. The latter in particular were a complete doddle which had me wondering if there comes a point where a too-easy fitting clincher becomes an issue?
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    Did you weigh the wheels before you put the tyres on. I hear the 50mm wheels are around 750-800 for the front and 875-950 for the rear.
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    Open Corsa Evo CX's go on pretty easily too on mine.
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    Nice to see someone actually asking the most sensible question when choosing new wheels, 'will my tyres fit'.