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Hi, im trying to get into shape for the summer, due to the fact my judo coach is also a mountain biker and has invited me to come along with him, but he is extremely fit, so i want to be able t keep up, would anybody be able to help, i have the skill edge because i have more technical ability due to experience, but havent been mountain biking in a while, i am mainly riding about the city but ocasionally stray off to tacle nice climbs and decents i found, but need to know some serios work outs to get in shape, Would hitting the gym help at all?

thanks in advance, Ollie


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    the only way i found to get fit when riding on the rough stuff was to ride on rough stuff mate

    i have a kona stinky (07 model) which i use to smash around a track called llandegla in north wales. i was going to the gym commuting to work but i still wasnt able to keep up with the other guys the only way i found was put in more miles on the tracks. city riding is waaay different than riding berms and stuff, well it was for me
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    If your fitness is lacking then there's no substitute for riding more, and road riding will likely be more beneficial. The gym isn't ideal, but is better than watching tv, if you can go for a ride do. Riding with quicker people will help too if you can live with being dropped for a while!
  • right, so the best thing to do is start gettin practise in... right, well will start once i have had my bike serviced and repaired, damm calliper is leaking on the front, sucks to be me, right, dalby forest here i come.