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I have been drooling over the many bikes posted in the 'Your Bikes' section on here. This has got me thinking aboout my own bike and it's set-up.

I have a Trek 1.2T which I love. I did a fair bit of research before buying my bike and therefore felt confident I was buying the right sized bike.

However after seeing bikes on here, I am not so sure. Pretty much all the bikes pictured on here have the saddle significantly higher than the bars.

On my bike the saddle is only 'just' above the height of the bars.

I am 5ft 6ins and purchased a 52cm frame. (Inseam of 29ins).

All the charts for sizing I have looked at tell me I have the right size, but can't help thinking I am missing out on a perfect fit by not having the saddle higher?

Am I worrying about nothing?

Bike feels fine when I ride it by the way.


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    If you want to check your fit use one of the on-line fit calculators like this one: " rel="nofollow">
    it will give you 3 options for different styles of fit. Don't get hung up over saddle to bar drop,. Much depends on your back flexibility. Andy Schleck rides with a 135mm saddle to bar drop, whereas I (inflexible old b*****d) ride with a 40mm drop. As long as your bike fit falls within the range of what is recommended for your body measurements, go with what's most comfortable. Don't copy anyone else's fit. They don't have your body. :)
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    As Andyl has said, your bike fit is unique to you. Going on your height and leg measurement your saddle height could not be too much higher anyway. Your comfort and performance are much more than the saddle to bar drop. If you really feel the set up is all wrong or the frame size is not right you should consider a proper bike fitting. Although as you say the bike feels fine and as long as you are not uncomfortable then just ride.
  • What these guys said.

    52 frame, 29" inside leg and saddle is marginally above the bars - had a pro fitting and that was the result for my body shape.
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    Agree with the comments above but it doesn't mean to say you can't try putting your saddle up or your bars down - about 5mm at a time and give it a few rides to assess if it feels right or not. I think it was Sheldon Brown's site that says how do you know what's too far until you've went there.
    Also remember that if you do put your saddle higher then it should also be moved a touch forward as well.

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