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DanwashDanwash Posts: 11
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Right then geeks;

Nervex Lugs
Adjuster screws in rear dropouts
Cinelli Bars
Stem is smooth

Gitane Aero?

Photos to follow


  • DanwashDanwash Posts: 11
    peugeot pv10 / px10s 1983. Id'd via old photo of the bike (its a pug) and cinelli bars but not stem mean its a pv or px. Gonna power coat it white, black forks, new decals, charge 'leather' grip tape. campag egos , sram rear mech , chorus double , shimano wheels , tand by for photos !!!!!
  • ynyswen24ynyswen24 Posts: 703
    Sram rear mech won't work with Campag Ergo levers.
  • DanwashDanwash Posts: 11
    sure it does - same pull as campy for the mech to move over shim . sram cassette
  • ynyswen24ynyswen24 Posts: 703
    okay big fella
  • DanwashDanwash Posts: 11 ... -not_73404

    I didn't believe it either - but I've already built the bike up in with this setup, bits I had lying about (wheels and brakes) + campy shifters which I wanted to go with the Chorus BB and Cranks. Its not perfect - seems to go out of tune quite easily, but manageable.
  • Hands up to that one, Leonard Zinn seems to be someone who knows his stuff. Very interesting reading, thanks for the link.
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