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Fuji Classic Track Brakes - Tektro R350 or R530 or ???

cheese_toastiecheese_toastie Posts: 35
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Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma here concerning getting a set of brakes for my lads Fuji Track Fixie, when he got it second hand it had no brakes but it will be used on the road once brakes are fitted.
Not sure which brakes to get for it, on Fuji website they say Promax RC-452 in the spec. But these seem unavailable from all online cycle retailers, ebay etc. Looked at getting some equivalent Tektro types either R530 or R350, both of these brakesets look the same and are short reach 39 to 49mm what we need and similar price. But don't know which one to buy, only difference seems a few grams difference in weight. The drilling for mounting brakes are 8mm.
Would anyone have any advice on a recommended brakeset for this bike, would pay upto £80 ish or know anything about these Tektro brakes. Thanks in advance for any help.


  • PeterBLPeterBL Posts: 209
    You can change the pads on the R530 (it uses inserts). This is probably the main difference and the reason I would go with R530 (since Tektro pads are known for being rubbish). R530 is also higher grade, so potentially better quality, so if price is the same, definitely the R530.

    The Promax brakes are probably rebadged Tektros, so not much difference there.
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