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Shimano BR-6600 brake barrel adjuster compatibility

ridleyPRridleyPR Posts: 16
edited January 2011 in Workshop
Hi all,

Managed to pick up a decent set of ultegra sl brake calipers cheap (BR-6600), but both brakes are missing the cable adjuster barrel and Madison inform there is a 6 wk waiting period for spares to arrive in the UK. I can get a pair of adjuster barrels for the BR-5700 version and I think there going to be the same !?

Any thoughts ?



  • domhopsondomhopson Posts: 259
    Are you anywhere near Otley? I've ordered cable adjustment bolts from Chevin Cycles before. Just gave them a ring and asked them to order the Dura Ace 7800 cable adjustment bolt. Part Number: Y-8A098210. Charged me £2.99 for each
  • Hi ya,

    I'm Bingley so yeah called Chevin and they confirmed that Madison their supplier had a back order of 6 weeks!?......i have some on back order with my LBS Airevalley Cycles but was hoping for a quick fix in the meantime.

  • domhopsondomhopson Posts: 259
    Did you request the specific Ultegra ones or any? I've got some BR5700's on my winter bike and the cable adjustment bolt is the same as the BR7800 one which should work.
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    i ordered one a while back from Petra cycles - ... -7444.html it took a while to come into stock, but it arrived.
  • thats a little spokey as I ordered a pair from Petracycles following my first post and I asked for BR-5700 ones as the BR-6600 were on a long delivery. If the BR-5700 's you have seem the same as the BR-7800 ones then all should work fine (fingers crossed).

    More luck than anything else if they do work!
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