When to lay off the bike?

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He's a long standing question:

When should you lay off the bike when you're not feeling well?

I'm not talking about flu here but when you've got a bit of a cold, sore throat etc...

I've always soldered on... but is it the best thing to do?


  • aidso
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    I not sure what science dictates but I'm not sure I would want to be on the bike with snot running down my face and having to stop every mile to blow your nose. Plus it can't be good for the longs can it? A cold only lasts about 4 days....I would take the time off and chill :).
  • tofu21
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    I'm not on death's door or anything. I've not been able to get out a lot recently and have some distance to make up. So I want to get out as much as I can but don't want to drag the cold out just because I've been out on the bike.