Specialized dolce or trek 1.2 2010

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My girlfriend (who doesn't have a forum account, hence me posting on her behalf!) is getting a road bike, mainly for commuting but also for a few longer rides at the weekends.

She has tried a few out, mens and womens, and it's down to these too:




We'd get the specialized from the specialized store down the road so the aftersales and warranty should be taken into account for that one, and the fact it's a womans specific bike (if that really makes a difference?!) but the trek looks good too!

Any suggestions?
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  • Has she tried either of them out?
    If there's nothing in it fit wise, go with the Spesh for the reasons you give.
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  • chris_bass
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    Yeah she has tried them both, fits about the same going to give them both another go on sat, I think I agree though, if there is nothing to choose between fit maybe spec would be better?
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  • If top tube and stem length are the same then there is NO difference in the fit. Then it comes down to colour and price. Make sure both bikes have the same top tube length before you purchase
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