Sod's law is a bitch...

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The day my Reverb gets posted, I discover a crack on the bottom bracket of my Zesty. Raargh!

What are your biggest let downs?


  • replacing the guttering outside my house yesterday and waking up this morning planning to do a three hour plus ride but finding my body aches so badly from going up and down a ladder the day before I can't walk or sit down without pain and don't go for my ride. Does that qualify?
  • slimboyjim, get it waranteed mstey, they'll prolly send you a new front triangle (friends 514 developed the same after a road bb was fitted), didnt take them long either!!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • Already been in touch with seller 'we love lapierre' on Friday. They have to liaise with Hotlines (distributor) tomorrow as they are not in on weekends and I spoke to them too late on Friday. Hope to hear back tomorrow! I've already sent in scans of my receipts and photos of damage so hopefully will all be ok - by all accounts there was some poor machining done on 2009 Zesty's so I'm hoping warrantee will be honoured correctly...

    Thanks for the shout anyway though!

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    Well I think your entitled to a replacement/repair if it has nothing to do with you the customer. :).
  • 08-09 were the zesty's that had the issue'sand lapierre are pretty good on replacing them! hopefully you'll have a new one soon!!!! 8)
    After all, I am Cornish!
    Cotic Soul, The bike of Legends!:wink: Yes, I Am a bike tart! ... 1#16297481
  • Just a quick update in that Hotlines have accepted that it looks like a warrantee job, so hopefully will have a new frame winging its way to me soon - I'm chasing it up again tomorrow. Good job really as the missus was getting really angry about the idea of me spending MORE money to replace the frame (whilst I was wistfully looking at Yeti's, Santa Cruz and Ibis frames).

    Hoping it won't be too long as I've got a brand new shiny reverb just sat on the sideboard now... Whilst it does look nice sat there, that's not really why I bought it...