Possible Stolen Wilier

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Obviously this could be genuine but this seems too good to be true....


  • Looks very suspect - photo taken in public location and no weight quoted.

    Me say nicked!
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    ooh look, another one, exactly the same in Scotsdale, Arizona!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 884wt_1140
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    You will find most adverts on "Gumtree" scams....
    The person who is selling the product will always ask you to send money first without you viewing the product, and say you have 14 days to return the product if your not happy... then say good bye to your money, and no product turns up.... And they ask you to use something called "Ucash" nothing like paypal or monet transfer.

    Here is one which happened to me this week:-
    Brand New Cervelo R3 Frameset 2010 £460 for sale in Barnsley. (Too good to be true)
    Contacted the seller, and here is what they said.....
    I'm a professional photographer and I'm in Plymouth near Dartmoor National Park to gather some material for a short film regarding the evolution of wildlife in the park in the last few years. I have the item here with me in Plymouth. i would like to close this transaction through Ukash the delivery will be next day and i will pay the postal charges.

    The transaction will be like cash on delivery, let me know if you're interested to use this service...

    Why take a bike frame with you from Barnsley to Plymouth lol.
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    Erm i'm pretty sure those are Shimano shifters and crankset and those wheels dont look like R7s.


    How does gumtree get away with allowing so many stolen or scam sales?
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    I contacted the seller to sound him out.

    This is a very good con.

    Wants to transfer money via this website:


    .x9.eu is a free domanin name!

    His email
    I have told you that i use escrow, it's more safe than anything. I will explain you the process so that you can understand how it works. Please visit the escrow company website first: http://worldwidedeliveryescrow.x9.eu . You must create an account first at them, is free, or you can send me your details like full name, full address and phone number, and i will go at them to deliver the bike for shipping and inspection.
    When the bike is shipped, you will receive a confirmation from them and the tracking number that you can inspect the package status. Delivery time is about 2-3 days and you have some days for inspection the bike.
    If you don `t want to keep the bike, you can send it back, i will accept returns on my own cost, but i can assure you that the bike is in a perfect working condition. It `s very safe for both of us. I suggest you to use this company because they have low fees for EU (EU) and I will support them so the price for the bike will remain the same.
    So let me know