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Custom built Genesis

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I though I'd post a pic of a bike I just built up for a mate who decided his Giant Trance 3 was not the bike for him as he tended to only ride on the road and not much offroad as he'd planned. He picked up this gorgous Genisis 853 frame and asked me to swap all the parts over to it, I persuaded him to ditch the suspension forks and go rigid in the front also, so picked him up a set of On One forks. So apart from the frame, forks, Race Face Deus headset, allen key skewers, road tyres, seat and post, its all stock Giant Trance 3. He loves it.
If it moves, shoot it with a Cannon.......dale.


  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    what year frame?
    where from?
    how much?
    how light the frame?
    how light the final build?

    etc :)
    Dunno, my shed, dunno, lighter than a Trance 3 :lol:
    If it moves, shoot it with a Cannon.......dale.
  • coombercoomber Posts: 232
    That looks bang tidy
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