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Places to camp in/around Fort William

Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
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Hi guys,
Myself and a few mates are going up to Fort Bill to see the WC in June.
Just got quote back from campsite saying that they would be charging us 100 quid to stay for 3 nights. 5 of us in 1 tent, no car.
Is this about the norm or are there cheaper/better places?
What's the deal with camping rough as well? Legal or not?

Also, any places you lot can recommend that is cheap and alright?



  • Is that £100 each or between you.
    should of used giantorangecannon
  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    £100 total.
    If it was £100 each I think I would be getting onto Watchdog! :lol:
  • BroonsterBroonster Posts: 440
    So it's 20 quid each for 3 nights?! I think that's pretty decent, depending on how good the campsite is. Some campsites charge differently, but you've got to think about the facilities that everyone in your party will be using, such as toilets, showers etc.

    Glen Nevis campsite is top notch - facilities are excellent.
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  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Yeah fair enough.
    Was just trying to put things into perspective as we have no idea how much we should be paying :lol:
  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    I stayed at Lochy Park when I was in Fort Bill. There are lots of buses into town as well as some towards the track. Or you can ride there - its only a few miles
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  • BroonsterBroonster Posts: 440
    Which campsite did you get the prices from out of curiosity?

    Like I say, some campsites charge per tent, so it would be cheaper, but may only have a handful of toilets/showers. Others will charge per person, but may generally have more/better facilities on offer. The last thing you want, especially when it's likely to be mobbed on the site with a huge event just along the road, is have a place that you have to wait ages in a queue to get into a bog or a shower.

    Like I said, I can't recommend Glen Nevis campsite highly enough. It's huge, has ample facilities, on-site shop, bus running from outside it on the road into FW etc. Bit more expensive than others if I recall correctly, but worth it IMO.
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  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    That price was from Lochy Holiday park.
    We have found another place called Linnhe Lochside which is much cheaper. About 11 quid per night plus £3 for each additional person or something.

    Cheers Broonster, that Glen Nevis one looks really nice and actually the prices look fairly reasonable. I think :p
  • Magpie9Magpie9 Posts: 48
    We've stayed at most of them over the years. Lochy was actually really good but they do bump up the prices for the biking. Glen Nevis is also good but a bit out of town, as it Linnhe. There's also a temporary site at Torlundy just for the world cup (it's just a field really!) which is within easy walking/riding distance from the course.

    Well done for getting it booked so early! We normally do it a bit more last minute...
  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Haha! We thought it was going to be pretty hard to get a place if we didn't do it fairly early.
    Seeing as camping is pretty much sorted now, where's the best places to go for food? Cheap and tasty is all that matters.
  • theres stacks of places to eat in fort bill, restaurants if you want them, sandwich shops, chippies, mcdonalds, morrisons, lidl etc, nothing is exceptionally stand out food wise, but cheap and tasty is pretty much covered.

    that said, if you want a cooked breakfast, you'll struggle, we spent the saturday hungover as **** hunting for a greasy spoon, and we had no luck.

    make sure you have ID for buying booze
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    £6.66 per person per night is pretty good, even with no car. Some campsites charge £10 - £15 per person per night, so £6.66 is very good value, especially during the WC.

    If you had a car I would recommend Arasaig, Glencoe, or Kinlochleven and drive each day.

    You can rough camp in Scotland, but a group of 5 for 3 days would be frowned upon, the Right to Roam is more for true wild campers. Plus a lot of Glen Nevis and Glen Coe have wild camping prohibited as it has caused massive problems in the past.

    Enjoy the WC!
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  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Ok we went with Linnhe Lochside which looks really nice.
    Gonna work out at £16 per person in total which is a bit better.
    And yeah I thought as much about the wild camping.

    Ahh thats good then counterculture, cheers.
  • :D Nice site at Roy Bridge by the riverand there are tracks in the forest from there to Aonach Mor so you wouldn't have to drive over! Another site on the main road past the Commando Memorial above Spean Bridge
  • Here is a fab deal for everyone. Overnight stay with breakfast and as much free Tea & Coffee as you can drink at Chase The Wild Goose backpackers Hostel, Banavie, near Fort William. Only £11.

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