Campag Chain pin help!!!!!!!!

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Hi all
Ive just paked my bike up to fly it off to mallorca (its a wilier izoard team lampre)
It has campag centaur. I removed the chain with a chain breaker. I have taken a pin out that went crack sort of noise (normal???) then removed the chain. i tried to put the pin back in the close the loop and then refit it when home on sunday. I went to put it back in and its broken i take it there not reusable? What do i need to buy to fix it? Ive looked on the web cant find anythign helpful so turnign to the pros on here! I hope i dont have to buy a new chain do I????

please help thanks lots!!!!!!


  • Velonutter
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    KMC Quick link, you can get them in 10 and 11 speed, always carry a spare as well, they come in packs of two for about £8.50
  • mallorcajeff
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    cheers mate just orderd two top work! :D