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Hi ,
have just got a brand new bike (cube ams comp 2010). Have been out a couple of times and the front break seems to be rubbing. Is this normal?



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    oops, i meant brake...almost friday now...phew
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    Loosen the two bolts that hold the main body of the brake onto the mounting yoke or fork. These bolts aim forward along the axis of the rotor, with one above and below the calipers. The holes for these bolts allow for some side-to-side "play" that positions the caliper mechanism. (Don't take the bolts out; just back off the tension in the bolt enough to allow the rotor to "shift" a bit on its mounting.)

    If the caliper is obviously crooked, you can nudge it a bit to center it on the rotor. Now insert a playing card along each side of the rotor. If you like a bit more handle motion before the brake engages, put two cards along the piston side of the caliper (the side that actually moves when the brake lever is pulled).

    Now grasp the brake lever tightly to push the pads tight against the rotor.

    While the pads are tight, tighten down both retaining bolts securely.

    Remove the cards from the rotor. Spin the wheel to be sure the rotor is clear of the pads. If necessary, adjust again, altering the thickness and number of playing cards used to space the calipers.

    You don't have to do the bit with the playing cards.
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    thanks or the advice, i'll give that a try.
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    before doing anything apply the brake and watch the rotor.

    is the rotor being pushed by the pads? if yes the calliper needs aligning like above.

    If no just use the bike and let the pads bed in.
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