Reynolds v Mavic wheelsets... which to get??

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I'm tossing up between a set of either Cosmic Carbone SLs or one of the deepish rim Reynolds sets (Strike or Assault) for my work-in-progress Cinelli.

Other than the obvious differences (carbon braking surface v alloy; Reynolds are lighter) is there a general view about which are superior wheels? I'm thinking in terms of durability, stiffness, ride quality etc. Not for racing, I should say, but I do a lot of miles.

Appreciate any thoughts.



  • Anonymous
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    Out of those I'd go Mavic, but for what you want to use them for, I wouldn't bother with either.

    I'd get something like Campag Shamals or Dura Ace Carbon Laminate clinchers...
  • Paul RS
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    I was in the same position last year, and looked at many options inc CC Sl's, Slr's etc. I eventually opted for Reynolds Assaults and so far i cant fault them, i really pleased with them. They are pretty light, but noticeable lighter than my Eurus on my other bike, and climb better also. I felt than the mavic were a bit of a con really though, just an alloy rim with a superficial carbon fairing, it put me off them. I have since picked up some tubs (dv46t) for my race bike as i am confident in the improvement they bring.


  • bcss
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    As Paul I was looking into this some time ago and decided after reading many reviews for the CC as I wanted wheels for everyday riding without having to worry about them and taking too much care.Also from the reviews they seemed more durable and stiffer than the Reynolds