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alastair825alastair825 Posts: 15
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I’m new to road biking and have a few question

I got my bike in November and am wondering what lube to use on the chain. (shimano 6700 group set)

At the moment I have put my bike way for the winter so it does not get ruined, when does everybody start getting their summer bikes out and stop using their winter riders out of interest?



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    For chain lube I use Finish Line XC all year.

    In terms of 'best bike' use, as long as the roads are clean and dry and no salt on the road, why not use it all year?
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  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    nothing special and nothing too heavy - i use good old 3 in 1 on the chain. apply liberally then wipe off the excess.... caution though - I once bought bike chain lube from halfords - it was like castrol GTX and a magnet for dirt

    I also use a spray lube for the rear mech GT85 - you'll find it in halfords, but its not a chain lube

    also in the UK weather right now i'd be cleaning the chain pretty well every two weeks with something like Finishline Citrus de-greaser.

    good luck, and happy riding
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  • thx guy,

    i already have Finish Line Cross Country for my mountain bike
    Finish Line Cross Country Lubricant 2oz Bottle ... oz-bottle/

    would the dry lube be better
    Finish Line Dry Lubricant 2oz Bottle ... oz-bottle/

    a little lost
  • a little lost

    Me too!

    As far as I understand it, dry lube is best for dry, dusty conditions, but rinses off quite easily in wet weather (something to do with it being teflon-based?)

    Wet lube is more viscous, so better for wet conditions as it doesn't get washed off so easily... however if it is dusty, people say it can form a sort of lube/dust paste, which is (presumably) bad for the drivetrain

    As we don't get much in the way of dry, dusty conditions I tend to use wet lube on top of a dried coat of GT85 - no problems so far, and been doing it that way for a couple of years now...
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