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Garmin sensor - red light permanently on

rocksteadyeddierocksteadyeddie Posts: 294
edited January 2011 in Workshop
I have a problem with the GSC-10 sensor on my Garmin Edge. The Edge is picking up the sensor ok (the icon is on the screen), but the sensor itself has a red light on premanently. Pressing the "reset" button does not seem to do anything, and it does not register the cadence sensor or wheel magnet.

Any ideas chaps?


  • jonmackjonmack Posts: 522
    Sounds to me like the switch has got stuck on. Have you recently ridden in the rain? Some moisture could have got in there...
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,064
    try taking out the battery and leaving it open for a day or two
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  • Looks like a couple of days on the radiator might be worth a try....
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