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another rear brake dual pivot problem

robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
edited January 2011 in Workshop

My rear brake is rubbing against the rim, normally this would be a simple fix.

However i cannot get the bolt tight enough on the thread attatched to the caliper.

What happens is that i use the alen key to tighten it up and then run out of purchase on the bolt, there is like 2mm left and i cant tighten it anymore on that.

The rear brake wobbles from side to side still, its as if the bolt on the caliper is not long enough, so i thought maybe a washer has come off, but i dont remember a washer ever being on there.

Can anyone help?


  • What brake is it?
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  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    A 2mm thick washer? Or have I misunderstood?
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If you've put the old nut on by mistake and mashed the head, I'd still be tempted to try and get it off now, rather than wait till it's welded on by corrosion.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Either the retainer bolt is too long or pack it out using a washer/spacer. Decent LBS should have a stash of suitable parts - new brakes often come with more than you need.
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  • robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
    Its a shimano tiagra brake

    sorry but im no good at describing it

    I have about 1 or 2mm left on the bolt to get the allen key in as the caliper goes right to the end of the bolt and is still not tight.

    The thing is, it has come loose on the bike, its not that i took it off and lost a part and now cant get it back on.

    Should there be a washer between the jagged nut on the caliper and the frame? Im thinkinig that if i put one there then i will have more room to get the allen key in at the bolt end, cheers for the help though guys.
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