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Cannock Chase Night Rides

krskrs Posts: 6
edited February 2011 in MTB rides
Howdy guys,
I'm popping up to Wolverhampton for a couple of weeks, just wondering if there is anyone out and about for night riding on the chase?



  • djvagabondjvagabon Posts: 262
    It's a bit dodgy mate. Cannock is pretty cut up because of the bad weather. I rode it last weekend and it wasn't much fun. You were sliding all over the place and all the top surface has corroded away. For some reason people have pinched some of the signs as well. It will certainly be a challenge if you still fancy doing it.
  • krskrs Posts: 6
    Cheers for that, maybe I'll give it a miss until I can get there in the daylight!!
  • shx8000shx8000 Posts: 222
    Was down there yesterday, cerainly is a bit of a mess. Not helped by the way some people ride. 4 lads we watched actually slamming back brakes on and skidding on every berm ripping them up. Utter morons. Ruining it for everyone else.
  • moggy82moggy82 Posts: 726
    Theres still plenty of non-monkey/dog trails that can be ridden at night.

    It is a Shame , the trails were so nice April last year when they were new, i cant believe how quickly they have deteriorated!

    When you say night what kind of start time were you thinking?
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