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Broken Chain

DoodleUKDoodleUK Posts: 48
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
After months of use and neglect it seems that i have some broken links on a Shimano Deore chain. How do i go about fixing this; is a new chain the best way? If so what would you recommend for a 9 speed cassette?



  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    New chain dude, KMC X9 is pretty highly rated with that cassette
  • Thanks for that. There are quite a few different KMC X9 chains, any in particular you would recommend? Also would you recommend either of these: ... delID=9760 ... elID=35057

    Both seem highly rated and heavily discounted. Am i right in thinking any 9 speed chain will do just as long as i use the same number of links as the original?

  • MonkeypumpMonkeypump Posts: 1,528
    Go for the KMC X9SL if you want lightweight (in sensible silver or gold if you want bling), or the SRAM chain in your link.

    Powerlink/Missing Link makes breaking/linking the chain simple and effort-free.
  • cavegiantcavegiant Posts: 1,546
    I have to say that is a little over enthusiastic advice to replace.

    Though 100% KMC x9 is the best chain (for reasonable money), I would not care about the weight (it is just a chain), silver/grey is rust prone, silver/silver, is good with rust, gold is effectively rust proof.

    If the chain is worn there is a good chance the cassette is too.
    A new chain on a worn cassette will wear the chain faster and occasionally slip.

    yu are correct any 9 speed chain will work
    shimano makes lousy mid/low range chains, same with SRAM. KMC X9 is very similar to the SRAM 991 cross step, but lasts longer and is cheaper. XTR is supposed to be good, but I have not used.

    If you do buy a fancy chain, you want a hard wearing cassette. So I would upgrade to SLX or XT. A deore cassette will just wear quickly shortening the life of an expensive chain.

    hope that helps

    oh forgot the key thing.
    if the chain just has a few broken links (not sure what you mean by that) You can just shorten the chain using a chain tool and powerlink it back together (this may reduce gear range, but is a free repair).

    if the links are just stiff/rusted get some plus gas (eff industrial WD40) and leave to soak overnight, then wipe down, leave to dry and reoil.
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?
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