Campag 10 vs 11, function, spares etc

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My girlfriend and I are doing a 2 week cycle though France this year. She also commutes 25 miles a day through London. She likes campag, I ride shimano so need a little help from those with more italian experience.

She currently rides 8 speed Chorus which we are going to replace 1) because getting replacement parts is never easy and 2) She's finding 52/42 hard work now we've moved to a hillier area of London, let alone taking on 700 miles of touring. 3) Access to lighter wheels, generally dropping weight.

She'll only want one of the alloy groupsets so that means veloce or centaur 10 speed or athena 11.

We need to make the best decision based on reliability and also ease of replacing any broken parts while were away. Thinking chains, derailleurs, wheels, cassettes, things more liable to brake.

What's the best way to go 10 or 11 or does it make no odds?

What else is there to consider with 10 v 11?


  • 10speed is alot easier as as any 10sp chain would fit whereas you would need a dedicated 11sp chain if need and they arent quite so readily available.

    11sp is much better than 10! i have both. its smoother transition from gear to gear as they are closer and the number of teeth jump is also less due to the extra sprocket.

    I recently cycled 1470miles in 11days using centaur 10sp and didnt have a single problem...

    So really its down to choice!