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Fox Float RL32 full service help required.

shaunlfc1shaunlfc1 Posts: 132
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech

I seemed to have developed a leak of oil from my 2010 fox forks when I add more air to the forks, and it seems to be coming from the bottom, as anyone else experienced this?

Anyway, I think after a years worth of top riding all over the UK perhaps they need a service and a complete seal change.

Now I am confident enough to do this myself following many a youtube/forum tutorial but can anyone confirm whether its purely Fox' only fluid I should use or can I use shock oil/fluid from a motorbike shop? Reason I ask is that a colleague of mine said to save money he has always used motorbike fluid, all you need to do is find out the spec of the fox fluid? So has anyone else done this? I would prefer to use the correct methods and materials.

Also does anyone know the best place to get the full servicing kit from?

Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.



  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    Are you saying you get a bit of oil out of the valve? this is normal, or is it leaking out of the seals?

    There are two types of fluid, stuff designed to dampen the fork (suspension oil) stuff designed to lube the forx (red rum etc.) motorbike suspension oil is good as long as you use the correct weight. I also find synthetic gear oil is fine for the lubing parts too, but it has to be sythetic to avoid corroding the rubber seals
  • shaunlfc1shaunlfc1 Posts: 132
    Well I first noticed it after I got back from South Wales trail centre weekend back in November, getting the bike out of the car I noticed (from memory) both forks had quite a bit of oil over the graphics.

    I've not really used the bike until last Saturday where I gave it my usual once over and checked my sag on the forks, and added more air, it was not a million miles out, ten minutes later once my mate had turned up, I took the front wheel off to put the bike in his car and got a messy hand as I lifted the bike up and removed the wheel. On instant investigation it was obvious it was coming from the very bottom of the fork around the 10mm nut.

    I got a spanner and nipped the nut up and it seemed a little loose but bikes bits and bobs are not very tight anyway are they? I wiped off the oil and went on the ride. (7mile XC loop), it seems to have not leaked since?

    Thanks for your help,

  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    You should probably put back the missing lube. The correct way is to do a refresh service and clean the lowers and re-lube. I don't know Fox forx that well, but if it was a rockshox I would flip it, loosen the nut, give it a tap and then remove the nut and squirt 5-10mm of shock lube back in. But this would be a bodge fix.
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