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free bike fior disabled Kid NOT a Wanted , this is available

DrysuitdiverDrysuitdiver Posts: 474
Bike for disabled child for free
Hi all,

I have a three wheel trike called a theraplay imp in pink, this cost us £700 and not really worth much 2nd hand. If anyone knows of anyone who would make use of this they can have it for free, but they must collect. It was my daughters but she has outgrown it, it is in very good condition just needs a little clean up as it has been in a garage for 2 years. Let me know.

It would suit ages 3-7 roughly


a friend of mine on a diving forum has posted this, I dunno if I am allowed but if another disbled child can benefit then its gonna be wiorth it . if iots in wrong place can an admin move please Thanks
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  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    Is it still available, Ash? I could repost your offer on a parenting website where you might get more interest.
  • where in the country is it located?
    there is a group round here that could be interested.
  • Having seen the offer of the Theraplay Imp bike for disabled children I'd like to tell you a little bit about the magazine I write for - Able. It's the largest disability lifestyle magazine in the UK and reaches people all over the country. I will run a free of charge classified advert for you in the magazine to help find a good home for your bike. Please contact: [email protected]
  • Hi
    If its still available, have you thought about going it to a charity called Mencap? They would benefit from something like this. There will be a local Mencap Building in your area on where you can donate this to them and they can distribute it to various homes and it will be continously be used

  • RackersRackers Posts: 1
    hi. My daughter is blind and has recently been assessed for a theraplay imp. Is it still available? It sounds perfect. We are struggling to find the £690 to pay. Thanks
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