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Any tips for providing Energy enough to exercise?!

LondonMTBLondonMTB Posts: 79
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Wondered if anyone has any tips for my predicament:
I work long hours (at least 11 hrs a day) and have unreliable break times. I have little chance to get snacks during the day, and try to get as much healthy calorie intake at lunch as possible. I'm on my feet all day and have a high metabolic rate, so lose weight easily if I don't eat enough (57kg, 5'6.5''). I eat healthily (lean red meat, white meat, veg, could probably eat more fruit, porridge + banana for breakfast, etc).

I don't get out on my bike often enough to keep myself fit with cycling alone, mainly due to lack of time (I work every other weekend too) but also not always having someone to cycle with. I have had my own rowing machine for years and try to use this as often as possible to keep fit.

My challenge is having enough energy on enough days in the week to keep/get fit. I'm exhausted by the end of a normal working day, and simply don't have the energy to exercise at 8pm or later. The days that I'm not working, I'm generally recovering from work!
I'm not feeling ill particularly (I have found I get fewer colds now I take vitamin C regularly, and take the occasional multivitamin), but I just find it really hard to keep my energy levels up, especially enough to exercise effectively; I feel like I'm in a consent catch-up state with my nutrition!! Most days there are times when I'm really hungry but simply can't eat at work, and I often get headaches in the afternoon/evening (although I think they're stress/neck tension!).

Is there anything you would suggest I eat to maintain energy levels but still stay healthy? Are there particular supplements that would help? At lunchtimes I sometimes need to combine eating quickly, eating healthily, and getting enough calories in to at least not lose weight, let alone have energy for anything else! Does nobody else have this problem in our 24-7 society??!! I'm sure it's not just me!
Any suggestions gratefully received!
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