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Suntour xcr 100 (remote lock out) stuck

gobertgobert Posts: 16
edited January 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
The other month after riding my g.t on the road , i noticed the forks mentioned xcr were stuck in loceked position regardless if lock was on or off.

What are my options.

some how relase/free them (im a novice at bike mechanics)

or buy some more!!!


  • leafliteleaflite Posts: 1,651
    Ive had the same problem, my problem being the lever moving, but the fork end being stuck. I put some lube on it, and it started working again.. If you look where the remote cable atttaches to the forks, there should be a little cap. If the cap isnt fitted, you should be able to see the lock out cable. If it is fitted, remove it and then put some lube on the area surrounding the cable.

    If both ends of the cable are working, either take it to your lbs or get some new forks
  • Jack 123Jack 123 Posts: 118
    have a look at the suntour website the have videos on how to repair the lock out
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