Aero bars for comfort (tennis elbow)

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has anyone any experience using clip on aero bars if suffering from tennis elbow.

I have it in my left elbow and road riding on long rides can sometimes cause pain i was thinking of trying some aero bars to see if it will help relieve the pain on long rides

I have rested from road riding for a least two months and its no different so probably not road riding causing the problem, it is probably my job which is causing the problem not much i can do about that


  • richk
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    I have tennis elbow & I've had to modify my TT position so that the elbow itself is on the pads otherwise it quickly becomes unbearable. This does mean I'm rather stretched out. I'd hardly describe it as comfortable & certainly no better than normal drops.
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  • brit66
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    I've currently got tennis elbow but I'm sure it's nothing to do with bike riding.

    I'm finding taking ibuprofen 3-4 times daily and stretching is the only thing that works.