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Guerciotti Whisper

ElioElio Posts: 63
edited January 2011 in Your road bikes
Hi all!
Been lurking around here for a quite a while, enjoying reading this forum. So finally decided it's time to join. By way of introducing myself, here's my favourite babe :-)



Frame: Guerciotti Whisper M 2010
Forks: Deda Black Magic
Bars: Deda Campione
Stem: Deda Zero 100
Headset: FSA Orbit
Bar Tape: Deda Cork Ribbon
Seat: Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbon Flow
Seat Post: Deda Black Stick

Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record
Ergos: Campagnolo Chorus 10spd
Front Mech: Campagnolo Chorus
Rear Mech: Campagnolo Chorus
Cranks: Campagnolo Record 170mm 53/39
Chain: FSA SL-K Superlight
Cassette: Tiso K7 V10 12/25
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record BB cups

Wheels: Campagnolo Shamal Ultra
Tubes: Vredestein latex
Tires: Veloflex Black

Accessories: Deda carbon bottle holder, Cateye Strada Double Wireless computer

Weight: 6850 gr


  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    Pink n Gold - not to everyones taste but personally there's something I like about it - good on you for doing something a bit different. :D

    Summer Bike: Colnago C60
    Winter Bike: Vitus Alios
    MTB: 1997 GT Karakorum
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Thanks. Yeah, it's a bit more controversial than my all carbon Bianchi. I love that one too, but it's almost boring in comparison :wink:

  • hmm there's something I really like about that, very funky. Must be the gold wheels
  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    I like that. Nice colour co-ordination. The Shamals look class.

    That's a rather smart Bianchi too. Love the de-stickered Carbones and Veloflex tyres. Might take them off my 7850s.
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Actually, those are not de-stickered Carbones, but 2008 Carbone Premiums. I think the only difference with the normal version was the toned down lettering and some fancy Ti skewers.
    I just love Veloflex tires... best riding clinchers you can get, in my opinion.

    Nice nick BTW, though personally i prefer Laphroiag :wink:
  • That 928 rocks......
    Helmand Province is such a nice place.....
  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    My apologies, I completely missed the nice understated Carbone stickers on the outside of the rim.

    Really taken with my Veloflex Paves. Just wish they'd do something a little larger than 22C.
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Yeah, it's a pity they only come in 22mm. I find them comfortable enough in that width though. Do you use latex inner tubes? Those blue Paves look very cool on your CAAD9! And I agree with you about taking the stickers off those wheels, they'll look better without them.

    As a forum newbie, can i please ask you: how do i add a hyperlink to my sig, like you have?
  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    Elio im one jealous puppy, I love the bike and the colourway of the frame is spot on. Where did you get it.
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    @gwillis: Thanks for the compliment :) I live in Holland and I got the frame from the Dutch importer, Cicloforte.
    I don't know where you can get them in the UK, Planet X has some old Guerciotti stock but no Whisper frames. I think Guerciotti doesn't make them anymore this year... But if you can find one, i can thoroughly recommend it. It's an all alu frame, but the ride is so sweet and it looks just gorgeous. Well, that's what i think and i'm biased of course
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    gwillis wrote:
    Elio im one jealous puppy, I love the bike and the colourway of the frame is spot on. Where did you get it.

    Have a look at Fatbirds Don't fly, a shop in Kings lynn that has a good website for Guericotti and Bottechia, lots to drool over and very adaptable.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Planet X do some good Guerciotti frames at a very good price indeed...
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Well, having looked at this a few times, it's now one of my fave bikes on this forum. Love the colours, they've really grown on me :)

    Would love to have a go on one. Nice to see more top level aluminium doing the rounds...
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Thanks! :D Same happened to me: when i saw the frame the first time, i thought "me, riding a pink bike?". But the colours are indeed gorgeous. Even better in the flesh, in the photos you can't see the beautiful pearlescent white. So yeah, i'm a happy chappy :)
  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    if i hadnt of bought my bianchi and had test ridden one I would be tempted. Love it
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