dura ace 7850 sl or ultegra 6700 wheelset

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Is it worth £400 upgrading to the dura aces?

Are they stiffer than the ultergras?

Hub that much better?

Or would tubeless tyres and Pro Cavendish bars and stem be a better upgrade to a CAAD9?

How robust are the Duraace? Ultegras seem to be holding up to my 82kgs with a bit of truing now and then.


  • Hi,

    I got the Shimano 6700 Ultegra wheelset for Christmas! I would like to say that are very fast at accelerating do to quite a low spoke count on the front wheel. They are stiff and the hubs roll well. However, the tyres are quite hard to get on the rim, unlike my other wheelset.

    Thanks, Josh
  • +1 for the ultregra. Keep alloy bars though unless you can afford to replace after a season - just a recommendation, not an absolute fact.
  • northpole
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    I would be keeping a look out for deals on the 7850 CL's - they are currently being replaced by the new 7900's and I presume (could be wrong!!) there will be deals to be had as Shimano get rid of old stock. Failing that, check out the rs80's which some folks here have rated highly.

    Err, I haven't helped you narrow your choice. If you are asking simply A vs B selection, I would definitely opt for the dura-ace and enjoy the benefit of their hubs. I have been running the previous dura-ace model for the last 3+ years for all purposes including daily commuting and have suffered zero problems - they run as true today as when I got them (I weigh about 13 stone). The only down side has been with the rims which can be brutes to fit some tyres onto eg Pro Race 3's. The 7850 profile may have been modified and may not be so fickle!